Hyper-V Documentation for All!

With the recent release of Windows Server Technical Preview 4 - I now have a huge amount of material that I need to write about.  But before I get to that - there is something else I want to talk about.  As well as launching a new Technical Preview - we have updated our documentation site.  And the biggest change is this little button:

I have highlighted it in red - but now anyone can make edits and editions to our documentation.  Even you! (Don't worry though - we are reviewing changes before taking them to make sure they are technically accurate).

If you click on this button on any page in our documentation - you will be taken to the associated page on GitHub:

Here you can add information that you think is helpful, or fix any errors that you might find.  When you are done, submit a pull request and we will review it. 

Also - do not feel like you are limited to tweaking our existing documentation.  If there is something that you think should be documented on our official site - but is missing - go for it!  You can go straight to our documentation GitHub repository and create new files to submit as proposed new pages:

If you are interested in being involved - key links to be aware of are: