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PSA - Flickering Laptop Screen with Hyper-V? Update your drivers.

Last year I went out and got an Alienware 13 laptop.  Later I got the Alienware Amplifier and put a NVidia 1070 GPU in it.  I have been really happy with this setup – as it is a powerful portable system.  I have only had one complaint: whenever I enabled Hyper-V on it the laptop screen would flicker randomly.

Now, I know that many people have experienced this over the last year – and it has been something that we on the Hyper-V team have been actively working with hardware vendors on.

Thankfully – last night I checked and saw that Dell had released an updated firmware and graphics driver for my laptop.  I installed it and am now completely flicker free!

Long story short: If you are seeing this problem – check with your laptop provider to ensure that you have the latest firmware and video drivers installed.