Channel 9: The Knowledge Chamber: Virtual Earth

image I recently was graced with the opportunity to sit in with Robert Hess the host of the Channel 9 online show, The Knowledge Chamber for an episode focused exclusively on Virtual Earth. During the Virtual Earth episode, I focus on the Virtual Earth Silverlight Map Control which is currently in community technology preview (CTP) form and available for download from Microsoft Connect. This episode is a result of my MIX Session earlier this year and covers the control at a high level, given we only had about 15 minutes! So, if you missed my MIX session, it’s worth a look-see to get the VESL 101 version of my presentation from Vegas.

From The Knowledge Chamber site… Virtual Earth continues to evolve and support a very robust programming model which allows developers to create unique and interesting mapping applications. One of the most recent developments is that there is a brand new Virtual Earth Mapping control which uses Silverlight for rendering. This provides for a far richer control which gives the developer almost unlimited potential in what they can do. In this episode I've got Chris Pendleton on hand to help us understand some of the benefits of this new control and show us some of its capabilities. Click to watch this episode.