Photosynth Goes Commercial with New Features

imageA few months ago, Photosynth became a part of the Microsoft Virtual Earth team and shortly thereafter launched the availability for all users to create and upload Synths into our cloud storage. Of course, I had to take it a step further and integrate it with Virtual Earth - Photosynth Released - Now, Let's Mash it with Virtual Earth. Well, we’ve just announced some new capabilities and support for our commercial customers which make Photosynth enterprise ready and scaled out for the world to start taking advantage of.


So, in true CP style, let me break this down for you (the full press release is below), but simply put here’s what you get with the updated, commercially viable version of Photosynth:

  • Synths are now produced in Silverlight (you’re welcome Mac users).
  • The “Highlights” feature allows you to select certain photos in the synth to highlight. When users select a highlighted synth, the Silverlight interface will walk through each photo between the current photo and the selected photo.
  • Easier to use navigation moved to the bottom of the synth; and, an improved 3D navigation when applicable.
  • Ability to make synths non-indexed (or unlisted) so they don’t appear in search results.
  • Licensing available for commercial applications – 1GB of storage, 500 views per synth  per month and required linkage to Virtual Earth maps limitations are lifted for unlisted synths. These restrictions do not apply to non-commercial parties.

If you want to see Photosynth in action within a commercial application, I found a couple web sites that may spark some ideas on how you can integrate it with yours:

  • – Put together with TerraPixel imagery (you may recall them from my “Don't Like Microsoft Virtual Earth Imagery? Then, "Patch" It” post) line of site is a great place to view property information including parcel information, but they’ve synthed a few properties for immersive viewing, but more impressively they’ve synthed oblique photos using Photosynth, as well.



  • – Nasa will synth different space related photos and embed them on their web site.
  • – Brighton never looked so good now that you can immerse yourself in Photosynthed images of the cities of Brighton and Hove in the United Kingdom.

And just for fun, here are some educational videos to help you learn more about Photosynth:

For full details about today’s announcement, read the “ Microsoft Photosynth Integrates into Virtual Earth, Marking Commercial Availability of the 3D Photo Technology ” press release.

Don’t forget I synthed myself way back when so anything is possible to reach some level of synthyness. Get started on your own synths.