Virtual Earth at Tech Ed 2009

image Keith Kinnan will be on site presenting at Tech Ed this year in Los Angeles, Wednesday, May 13 in a session titled “Deep Dive on Virtual Earth Silverlight Map Control (session ID: WUX402).” Ok, so I did a deep dive talk at MIX which you can watch online, BTW. “Well, Chris,” you may ask, “why would I want to go see Keith’s presentation if I already saw yours?” Um, because Keith is the lead developer of the Silverlight Map Control (and the AJAX Map Control). So, he’s kind of important and knows everything there is to know about both controls. Yeaaaah, you might want to talk with him if you’re at Tech Ed and care about online mapping technologies; but at the very least you should attend his presentation.

Here’s the description of Keith’s presentation: The Microsoft Virtual Earth Platform has grown immensely over the past year from our Virtual Earth AJAX Map Control to our new Virtual Earth Web Services and now our Virtual Earth Silverlight Map Control which is now available as a public beta to developers. Come and join us as we take you on a tour of all the features and dig deep into the code to show you how to build your own Virtual Earth applications in Silverlight.

So, your to do items for today: