Virtual Earth Silverlight Map Control Sample Code

As mentioned previously, I want to ensure the community has lots of code samples for the Virtual Earth Silverlight Map Control. Well, apparently I wasn’t alone. Many folks have sent me their code samples and links to blogs, so I’ll go ahead and consolidate a few of them here:

Johannes Kebeck (Microsoft): Database Connections with the Virtual Earth Silverlight MapControl CTP

Michael Scherotter (Microsoft): Data Binding with the Virtual Earth Control

Via Windows Live:

Chris Pietschman (Pietschsoft):


I’ve also attached my own solution files for your reference. By all means, use it only for prototyping – not for copyright infringement reasons (I’m laughing), but because it’s NOT production ready code.

If you just want to see the Virtual Earth Silverlight Map Control CTP in action, check out a the Earthware site that mashup up Twitter feeds with the map.

Or, you could just go to Microsoft Connect and play with the Interactive SDK while downloading the .dll for your application. Fun stuff and I hope this helps kick start your development!

Feel free to add your application links to the comments section of this blog post to strut your stuff.