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Artifacts and guidance for Azure DevTest Labs

We are pleased to announce that the team, spearheaded by Derek Keeler and Josh Garverick, has achieved their goal. They set out to investigate how to extend the lab and complement the gallery by adding a few missing artifacts to engage with the vibrant artifact community.

Artefacts on Azure/azure-devtestlab

You can access, use, and enhance these artefacts today:


The guidance will be included in a series of post, starting with Getting started with DevTest Labs Custom Artifact Development  and an exciting article that the team is working on.

Here’s a rough snippet to wet your appetite:


Team who made it all happen

Darren Rich, Derek Keeler, Esteban Garcia, Igor Shcheglovitov, Josh Garverick, Martin Kulov, Oscar Garcia Colon, Rui Melo, Tommy Sundling, and Xiaoying Guo.

What our product owner had to say

Thank you, Derek, Josh, Oscar, Darren, Tommy and everyone, for your wonderful contribution to this project! The artifacts you've built have made DevTest Labs a very competitive service in Azure, and I kept hearing from customers how they liked those artifacts out-of-the-box whenever I talked with them! As Derek mentioned, you are super welcome to add more artifacts into the DevTest Labs GitHub repo whenever you have time and interests in doing that. It's a completely open-source and community-contributed GitHub Repo. Hopefully I'll see your pull requests in the future, and hopefully we will get chance to work together again. Best wished to all of you! - Xiaoying Guo

We need your feedback

Here are some ways to connect with the team: