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List of all champion awards and honorary Visual Studio ALM Rangers.



Champion of ChampionsBrightest star amongst the ALM Rangers, that we admire and respect.

Project Lead Champion Made an impact as a Project Lead through transparency, focus and collaboration.

Scrum |Ruck Master ChampionMade an impact as a Scrum Master, mentoring, guiding and coaching ALM Ranger teams.

Product Owner Champion Made an impact as a product owner through leadership and ownership of scope and stakeholders.

  • 2012 - Gregg Boer
  • 2012 - Mario Rodriguez
  • 2013 - Larry Guger
  • 2014 - Andrea Scripa
  • 2014 - Ed Blankenship
  • 2015 - Keith Bankston
  • 2015 - Sam Guckenheimer
  • 2016 - Will Smythe

Product Group Champion Made an impact by nurturing bridges between the Rangers and Product Groups.

Shining Associate Champion Shining star amongst new ALM Rangers we admire and respect.

Impact – Product GroupMade an impact on Visual Studio Product Group as part of an ALM Ranger project.

Impact - Worldwide Communities Made an impact on the Worldwide Communities as part of an ALM Ranger project.

Top 933>| (geek) Made an impact through passion for technologies, solutions and creation of bits and bytes.

Special Awards

Honorary RangersRetired from an active position, but actively contributed invaluable passion and contributions to the ALM Ranger community in the past.

Services Champion image41_thumb

Zombie Sabbaticalimage63_thumb