Effective feature isolation with TFVC – what do you think of the work-in-progress sandbox?

We’re looking for ways to be more transparent with the development of our guidance, give the developer community an opportunity to give early feedback, and deliver value quicker.

The guidance sandbox is where we’re planning to collaborate on new DevOps and Branching guidance, before committing to aka.ms/techarticles.


For example, we just created this pull request, which includes a DRAFT for the new Effective feature isolation on TFVC article.


Here’s three questions for you to ponder over:

  1. Your thoughts on the sandbox and the opportunity to collaborate with us, while we’re working on the guidance?
  2. Do you prefer the classic or the new article based guidance in aka.ms/techarticles?
  3. How could we do this better?

image … thank you for your thoughts!