Empowering the community with our OSS projects

If you’re following our continuous transformation to Agile practices and DevOps, you’ll realize that we have come a long way with self-organizing and self-managing teams. See our stories for details.

We’re ready to take the next step!

We’re handing over our github.com/ALM-Rangers organisation and repositories to our community of ALM | DevOps Ranger contributors. What does that mean?

Transition administrative responsibilities to members who stepped up to co-own and administrate the organisation. Here’s our team of new admins:

Ed Elliott

Oliver Smit

Giulio Vian

Jeffrey Opdam “Mr. Bot”





Change the project’s copyright from Microsoft to ALM | DevOps Contributors.clip_image002[4]

Point to existing Contributor License Agreement needed for contributions given with pull requests (PR).

No change with project teams. The team members for each project will continue to support their projects and welcome contributions via pull requests (PR).

But, why?

Autonomy and empowerment!

  • Autonomy for the OSS project teams and the ALM | DevOps Ranger community
  • Reduce the dependency on the ALM | DevOps Ranger program management and process to be more productive
  • Energise the ALM | DevOps Ranger and the broader community
  • Community owns OSS projects, not Microsoft

Microsoft will continue to be an active contributor. We’re not abandoning the community, but rather empowering it.

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