Introducing the Visual Studio ALM Rangers – Art Garcia

Who Are You?WIN_20180402_16_33_23_Pro

I am a .NET developer with over 20 years of industry development experience. I have done everything from VB.NET to C# to Web pages. I have worked in multiple industries and I believe that experience gives me a unique insight on how to do and not to do things. Over the last 5 years I have moved my focus into Azure, DevOps and IoT. I was awarded my Microsoft MVP in Azure and IoT in August 2017 and relinquished it in November 2017 when I joined Microsoft. I have created a DevOps pipeline that takes a web site from checking in code to a build and then a release to show how the process works. I am working on modifying it to include infrastructure as code and deploy the environment as part of the pipeline. I have done my share of speaking at code camps and meetups preaching IoT and the possibilities.

What makes me Tick?

Learning new things. I believe if you don’t learn some new technology or area you will be left behind. I am constantly trying to push my knowledge. I also have a passion for IoT and DevOps. I like to build devices and would like to learn to do large scale DevOps with IoT devices. When I am not in front of the computer, I enjoy spending time with family and riding my recumbent bike.

Where do you live

Sunny Tampa Bay. Actually in a small suburb called Safety Harbor.

Where do you call home

Florida !

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