Introducing the Visual Studio ALM Rangers – Henry Been

Who are you?
My name is Henry Been, an architect at SnelStart Software. I am responsible for working with our development teams to create working, problem solving software out of ideas of our product owners. In this capacity I am very focused on the goal of continuously delivering value and less on the goal of creating code.

What makes you “tick”?
Having an idea and delivering a first iteration to customers within one day.

Where you live?
Together with my wife, I live in Oosterend, which lies on the beautiful Island of Texel, in the Netherlands.
Why are you active in or with the Rangers program?
I want to become active with the Rangers to broaden my view, validate ideas against more experienced people and help getting more developers into the ‘to production in one day’ state of mind
What is the best Rangers project you worked with and why?
I have been working with a number of VSTS/TFS extensions from Jesse Houweling in the past.

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