Introducing the Visual Studio ALM Rangers – Oren Novotny

Who are you?

I am Oren Novotny, Chief Architect, DevOps & Modern Software at BlueMetal, and Microsoft MVP since 2014, awarded in two categories: Windows Development and Visual Studio & Dev Tools. At home, I am a husband, father, photographer, skier, foodie, and lover of technology. I believe that technology is meaningless in a vacuum and strive to show how the bleeding-edge delivers superior value to the bottom line.

What makes you “tick”?

I love solving the “hard” problems, especially those that enable new scenarios and make things easier for people. My goal is to enable other people to succeed, and to participate in that shared success.

Where you live?

New York City

Where do you call home?

New York has had my heart since I was born. Can’t get a better bagel anywhere else.

Why did you join the Rangers?

I always strive to help others in their endeavors to create software. This includes writing open source libraries, creating tools, writing blog posts, being active on social media, and mentoring directly. As part of this, one of my core beliefs is that builds/releases should be automated. Sadly, it’s one area that many people and teams struggle with, so I try to help them get started whenever I encounter those projects.
Along my journeys, I have worked on a couple projects that are well-known. I am a core member of the xUnit team and I own the xUnit for Devices runner. I also have an affinity for developer/application security, and am the author of a code signing service organizations can use to provide code signing services during CI builds. The .NET Foundation is one current consumer of the service.
In joining the ALM Rangers, I hope to reach additional people, teams, and projects and help them achieve their goals through improved DevOps.

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