Introducing the Visual Studio ALM Rangers – Richie Lee

Why did you join the ALM Rangers?

I think that it is very important to recognise that there is more to software than writing code. The ALM Rangers program offers a collaborative approach to help provide tooling in CI/CD, an area that I have a lot of interest and experience in.clip_image001

I have many open source projects in GitHub, including 2 projects that are VSTS Extensions publically available in the Marketplace.

The two extensions are built and deployed via VSTS pipelines

In addition, I’m a major contributor to dbatools – I wrote the Functions that are used to publish SSDT-Based Database Projects.

I also have a site that includes blogging my experiences in IT

Who are you?

I do computer stuff! When I’m not learning more about computers I can be found running either to or from home (a place called Carshalton in Surrey, England), where I live with my wife Syreeta and my kids Phoebe, Benny and Lucy.

Currently I am a senior consultant at, who are a data engineering consultancy based in the UK. In the past I have worked as an automation tester, TFS Admin, DBA, Release Manager, Platform Engineer... quite a broad range of roles.

What makes you “tick”?

Having spent many an hour manually deploying changes I’ve come to understand that if you really want to deliver quality software, you’ll never be able to do that where the process is not repeatable. This means it needs to be automated. And there’s a large gap in terms of tooling to do this – SSIS, SSRS, SSAS are just three of the products that there is no proper tooling to do this. So I’m keen to provide my experience and thoughts on how we solve these gaps.

Where do you live?

Carshalton on the Hill, which is somewhere between London and Surrey.

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