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Latest Folder Management extension closes our oldest extension debt

When Wouter de Kort resolved the impediment #11455 in the Folder Management extension, he also closed the first and thus oldest extension related impediment.


It took a while (6 months) to develop a fix, as we were waiting for the feature .../api/tfvc/changesets#CreateachangesetAddafolder to light up in the TFVC REST API.


Once the feature was available on TFVC, the code change in Folder Management looks trivial when you compare the revisions.


Find the complete code here.

So what’s the impact?

When you use the extension (version 1.1.10 or higher) to create a new folder in:

  • Git, a placeholder file will be created as part of the folder. Git does not like empty folders.
  • TFVC, we no longer create a placeholder file. Only the folder is created.

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