Our journey of a continuous transformation to a DevOps culture

In 2015, the ALM Rangers moved from a traditional organization to self-organizing teams and embraced a DevOps culture. We started an article, or is it a journal, that captures the process we used, the results we observed, and how the Rangers reacted to the transition.

You can find the latest version here.

It should come as no surprise that it covers Agile topics we have all been discussing for years, that it’s work in progress, and not a DevOps case study article or a showcase (yet). We have established a CULTURE of self-organized and self-managed teams, an energy for continuous improvement, an obsession to monitor and react to user feedback, all based on trust.

One of the main areas, in which we still have a lot of thinking and work to do, is the identification of metrics to demonstrate impact (value of the transformation) and improve our DevOps PROCESS and PRODUCTS.

In other words, we have started to scratch the surface of a transformation of continuous improvements.

Looking back, we measured our past process in manual hours to days, or more.


Our current process, based on our CI/CD pipelines process and product research, is measured in automated minutes to hours.


What’s the future?

Please share your thoughts as comments below or as issues in the repo.

Special thanks to the special group of Rangers who transitioned with us, helped us gather the evidence, and share the learnings.