Roll-up your backlog board on your dashboards

We’re pleased to announce the latest version of the Roll-up Board Widget, created by Mikael Krief, which allows you to display aggregated views of your backlog boards on your dashboards.


What’s New?

Based on telemetry observations and your feedback, we’ve evolved the extension a bit.

Do not display hidden backlog level


The dropdown list does not include hidden boards on the widget configuration panel.

If the board is hidden after the widget is configured, the widget displays a warning message prompting you to reconfigure the widget.


Do not throw exception if the backlog level was been renamed

If the backlog level is renamed after the widget is configured, the widget displays this error message.

Colour of the widget title is the same as the colour of the configured backlog level

Here’s an example:



More widget sizes

As requested, we’ve included two larger widget sizes


Deprecated support for Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2015

We rely on a version of the API that is not supported by TFS 2015. Support for TFS 2015 has been deprecated in version 2.

What’s Next?

We’re using this extension to validate our feature flag research with the LaunchDarkly service. In an upcoming release, we’ll demonstrate these two scenarios:

  • Enable Application Insights telemetry on demand, without having to build, validate, and deploy another release. We’ll simply flip a switch (flag).
  • Enable detailed F12 Debugger Tools console log messages, for a specific user, again by flipping a switch. 

Watch this space.

Missing a feature?

You can contribute to the open source project here, or connect with us:

  • Add a comment below  or on the marketplace
  • Send us a tweet @almrangers