TFVC Branch Visualization extension

The Branch Visualization extension, created by Mikael Krief, Michel Perfetti and Niel Zeeman, allows you to visualize your Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) branches for your current project.


  • Zoom in, zoom out, and change display orientation.
  • View the associated source control pages:
  • Configure the display of information you fit your needs.

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Known issues and future plans

We are releasing this PREVIEW to get candid feedback to help us evolve the extension going forward. In the spirit of “ship value today and innovate tomorrow” we are releasing the v1 preview with a list of known issues and reviewer feedback:

  • When loading branches, the wait status icon is missing. This will be resolved in the next deployment of the extension framework.
  • The context menu icon is a bit difficult to parse.
  • When I navigate into the tree and view the hierarchy for a specific branch (i.e. V1.1 Release) I would expect to see only branches in that hierarchy (i.e. not V2 Main). 
  • Change the configuration dialog into a panel.

We need your feedback.

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