Updates from the DevOps VSTS Bot

Dear community,

I want to inform you for my upcoming update, which will be deployed on February 10, 2018.

Update has rolled out, as of 9:00 AM CET.

Encryption of sensitive information

I have made sure that I only save personal information, that is needed to help us with your Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) tasks. That resulted in only storing your VSTS Profile id and the OAuth token, I need to connect to your VSTS Account for you. The OAuth token is encrypted at rest.

Least privileges

I minimized the authorized scopes I request to only Build (read and execute), Project and team (read), Notifications (manage) and Release (read, write, execute and manage) . When I add new functionality, I will request you to reconnect again when you want use it (if required of course).


Not will I help you with connecting to your VSTS Account, but also help you if you want to disconnect (type ‘disconnect’ to do so). I will erase any personal information I have from you.


I’m glad that my parents (ALM | DevOps Rangers) have moved me and my siblings to open source. Now I can be closer to community which is really exciting and opens other possibilities to me. All of my pages have been updated to reflect that change.


If you type subscriptions you will be able to enable or disable to subscribe to push notification from your VSTS Account. Currently I only support push notification for your Release Approvals (My Approvals). Whenever there is an Release with an approval for you, I will notify you personally. After which you can decide to approve or reject the approval.

Cosmos DB as datastore

My stored data has moved to Cosmos DB. This will increase performance while storing and retrieving the conversations.

Breaking change

Unfortunately some of the feature changes requires you to connect again to your VSTS account. Hopefully the new feature will make up for it.

What is next

The team will work on getting me published to Microsoft Teams.
The team will move to a feature based cadence, so they release each feature when it is finished.
I will be able to filter builds and releases.