VSTS Bot is now in Preview

I am happy to announce that starting from today I will be available as preview and the code is now available in the master branch:


Also I got my own website right here: https://team-services-bot.azurewebsites.net/.

Thanks to the ALM | DevOps  Ranger community, I can now help you with

  • Listing the build definitions and queue a build;
  • Listing the release definitions and create a release;
  • I can also show a list of approvals waiting for you and help you with approving or rejecting them;

Let me explain it to you:


To start, you first have to connect to your Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) account and your Team Project.Type ‘connect’ to start.
I will send you a message with a link ‘Authentication is required’ where you can grant me access to your VSTS account.
After accepting, you will be redirected to a page with a pin number.Copy the pin number back into our conversation, after which I will ask you for the account you want to connect.
After I connected to your account, you can select the Team Project.
And now I am connected to your account and Team Project.


When you ask me for ‘builds’ , I will give you an overview of your builds.
By clicking the ‘Queue’ button, I will queue the build for you.


I can also give you a list of your release definitions if you type ‘releases’ .
If you press the ‘Create’ button, I will create a release for you.


I will list your release approvals when you type ‘approvals’ .
Click on ‘Approve’ to approve a deployment or ‘Reject’ to reject a deployment.After which I will ask you for a comment.


You can find me on the following channels.


Just click on the Skype button and follow the process.
Add to Skype


Just click on the slack button and follow the process.
Add to Slack


Feedback (issues, features, etc.) is very welcome and will help me to be a better assistant for you in all your Visual Studio Team Services activities. If you are interested in helping, you can provide us a pull request.