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VSTS Gems - Preview Features

VSTS is a great platform, but did you know about its gems?

Follow this short post series where we undercover some of its coolest features.

Preview Features

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TFS Availability

Not available.


VSTS uses a strategy based on deployment rings and feature flags that allow a fine grained control on how and when new features are exposured (a great article by Josh Garverick and Willy Schaub explaining the process Explore how to progressively expose your VSTS Extension releases in production to validate, before impacting all users).

Did you know you can control the new functionalities that are ready for the ring you are in? Its quite simple and explained in detail in the article Enable preview features.

Here is a quick step-by-step:

  • Access your profile menu option and click on "Preview features"

  • From the menu, turn on or off the available features in preview (these change depending on Account or user selection, your current ring and the available features)

That's it! Enjoy, explore and remember, if you find something missing or that you don't like, please use the feedback feature!



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