Where can I find the Visual Studio ALM Ranger bits? Bookmark one URL!

If you are reading this post you’re already in the right place! We’re often asked by users where they can find our latest artefacts, for example guidance, tools, testimonials, videos, articles, and research findings. Well, it’s evolving on CodePlex, GitHub, Channel9, Marketplace, and many other interesting places.

Finding our bits

Remember the aka.ms/vsar URL, where vsar stands for Visual Studio ALM Rangers, and follow these easy steps:

  1. aka.ms/vsar takes you to our team blog.
  2. While you are here, peruse our most recent blog posts.
  3. Optionally translate the blog content to your language of choice, for example Afrikaans.
  4. Click on the navigation tiles (top right) to find up-to-date information on our program and solutions.
  AboutUs Understanding the Visual Studio ALM Rangers program (aka.ms/vsaraboutus)
  Community Informal introducing the team (aka.ms/vsarindex)
  Awards List of our Champion awards (aka.ms/vsarchampions)
  Solutions Library of tooling and guidance solutions (aka.ms/vsarsolutions)
  Publications Library of videos and publications (aka.ms/vsarpublications)
  Widgets Visual Studio and Team FOundation Server community widgets (aka.ms/widgets)
  GitHub Home for all our open sourced solutions
  VSALM Quick jump to the Microsoft Application Lifecycle Management team blog
  Contributors Contributors of tooling and guidance solutions (aka.ms/vsarimpact)
  BugFixes Release notes for the latest tools and extensions (aka.ms/vsarreleases)
  KB List of issues we’re investigating and the most recent status (aka.ms/vsarkb)

Contact us

Just under the tiles you’ll find ways to contact us:

SNAGHTML38b04403 Tweet us!Email us!Tell us how satisfied you are with us!

So, bookmark and remember this URL: aka.ms/vsar