Why we’re using AWS, not Azure, to store our OSS releases

We’ve received the question “why are you storing your releases on AWS and not on Azure” for projects, such as the vsts-agent and ALM-Rangers/Migrate-assets-from-RM-server-to-VSTS.

For example, when you’re downloading a release from either of these projects you’ll notice amazonaws in the download URLs, as highlighted below:


Both projects, and others, are open source solutions (OSS) on GitHub and storing their releases there. It happens that GitHub uses AWS to store our release artefacts.

If we look at the ALM-Rangers/Migrate-assets-from-RM-server-to-VSTS project, we’ll note that its pipeline is hosted by ❶  Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) on Azure. When we ❷ commit code to the GitHub repository, the continuous integration build is ❸ triggered, followed by ❹ automated tests, storage of the ❺ release back to GitHub, which rolls it out to the ❻ Amazon cloud.


It’s a great showcase of using two cloud computing solutions to implement a CI/CD pipeline for an open source solution.

Reference information: