New help topics and updates to topics for September 2010

This month we have some new help topics and updates to existing topics to help you accomplish your testing tasks faster. If there are updates or new topics that you would like to see us cover in the future, please respond to this post.

•1)       Guidance for Creating Test Plans and Test Suites

Guidance to help you set up your test plans and your test suites throughout the lifecycle of your project based on your development methodology.

•2)       Walkthrough: Creating, Editing and Maintaining a Coded UI Test

New walkthrough which demonstrates creating a simple WPF application and creating a coded UI test for it. The Coded UI test is altered to demonstrate some common editing and maintenance issues. The alterations include refactoring of a control and using the UITestControl.ControlWaitForEnabled() method to force the test to wait on a control to be enabled before proceeding to the next step in the test.


•3)       Making Coded UI Tests Wait For Specific Events During Playback

New topic that provides information on all the various UITestControl.WaitForControlXXX() methods that you can use to avoid common coded UI test playback issues.


•4)       How to: Add UI Controls and Validation Code Using the Coded UI Test Builder

Updated the topic with screenshots to help clarify the steps used with the Coded UI Test Builder tool.