Producing a test run summary using Test Scribe


The newest release of Test Scribe now sits inside the Microsoft® Test Manager product as an integrated set of activities.  Whereas before you would have a separate user experience for using the Test Scribe tool, now you must use the Test Manager product.  To access the new Test Scribe user experience, open Microsoft® Test Manager and change the center group drop down to the “Tools” center group. 


Figure 1.1 – The list of available centers including the new “Tools” center group

Click on the “Tools” center group and your default activity inside Test Manager will change to the “Test Run Summary” activity. 


Figure 1.2 – The “Test Run Summary” Test Scribe activity

This activity presents a list of all active test runs in your Team Foundation Server and provides easy query-by-example (QBE) support for quickly finding the test runs you are interested in.  Once you have chosen your run(s), click the “Generate” toolbar button or context-menu.  Test Scribe will aggregate your selection to produce a summary for said run(s).


Figure 1.3 – Test Scribe generation of test run summary document


Once generation has completed, you will be presented with a Microsoft® Word® document including details on your run(s)!


Figure 1.4 – Completed test run summary document