The quest to interview Dr. Ex begins

As legend has it, Dr. Ex of the VSX team is a resident expert at Microsoft on anything to do with Visual Studio extensibility. No matter if it's about macros, add-ins, packages, etc. using the VS SDK, the mad doctor will attempt to address these issues via his informative blog. Below is an unofficial sketch of Dr. Ex, provided to us by an expert we brought in to Microsoft, an expert who has experience searching for Yeti (Abominable Snowman) and Sasquatch (Bigfoot).

Dr. Ex

In this video clip, Ken Levy briefly talks to "some guy" on the VSX Team about the elusive Dr. Ex. As of today, Ken has begun a mission to score an exclusive rare video interview with Dr. Ex. The mission may turn out to be a quest and a journey - stay tuned!

Video: Looking for Dr Ex of the VS Tools Ecosystem team at Microsoft