VSCT PowerToy released

We have released a new utility called the VSCT PowerToy. For VSX developers who extend Visual Studio using the VS SDK, the VSCT (Visual Studio Command Table) PowerToy is a read-only viewer that you can use to explore the commands associated with a VSPackage, and with Visual Studio itself. You can quickly search for any existing commands in the Visual Studio IDE. By browsing through the command groups, GUIDs and IDs, priorities, and other properties of existing commands, you can more easily place and integrate the commands of your own VSPackage.

  • You can load and display command tables with these file extensions: .vsct, .ctc, .cto, .ctm, and .vsk.
  • You can examine the command table resources embedded in any VSPackage. Once loaded, command table resources can be exported as .vsct files.
  • You can see all the Visual Studio commands for any system registry hive. This is useful for placing commands on existing menus.  

VSCT PowerToy