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Visual Studio Extensibility User Education

Tutorial: A Simple Managed Project System

Here's a preview of the new managed project system tutorial. It's written for Visual Studio 2008,...

Author: martintr Date: 03/12/2008

Walkthrough: A Basic Isolated Shell Application

This preview walkthrough shows how to integrate a custom application into the Microsoft Visual...

Author: martintr Date: 12/07/2007

Tutorial 2-- Creating Your First VSPackage

Here's a preview of the new Tutorial 2. It's been updated for Visual Studio 2008 and Windows Vista....

Author: martintr Date: 11/15/2007

Welcome to the VSXUE Team Blog!

Welcome to the VSXUE Team blog. The VSX (Visual Studio Extensibility) User Education team is also...

Author: martintr Date: 11/08/2007