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Bot Framework Error: “Unable to find the bot with the specified ID”


We have seen several cases when a user tries to open a Bot Service from their Azure portal and it returns an error for “Unable to find the bot with the specified ID”.



This happens when a user tries to access a Bot Service that was created by another user on the Subscription. They have Portal permissions to see the Bot, but the creator has not permitted them direct access. The creator of the Bot needs to access the Bot Framework site (, My Bots tab, select the specific bot > Edit, and add the email addresses (corresponding to the appropriate Azure accounts) of the users who need access to the bot under the Admin section's list of Owners:



Save those changes logout and log into the Azure portal, the user should now have access to the Bot from their account.

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Thanks for using this Preview Technology!  It is not yet possible to share Azure AI Services between multiple users. Only the creator can access it.

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