One Last Riddle: Solve this and win a pass to MIX09 Tags: MIX09,Silverlight

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So, if you haven’t gotten into MIX already, or if your employer is pulling back on budgets because of the economy, here’s a chance to score a free pass (just a pass mind you, and not airfare, hotel etc.).

[Note if you’ve won already, please don’t enter, and MS folks, you’re welcome to see if you can solve the riddle, but email it to me instead of posting it :) ]

Follow the steps below using Live Search, and first person to answer correctly wins a MIX pass…

Step 1:

What is the name of this place?


Step 2:

There’s a town nearby. The ‘unofficial’ website of this town (and of the location in Step 1) is sponsored by a Coffee Shop.

Step 3:

The website for this coffee shop has a page of pictures, with 2 pictures being very similar in their subject matter, and involving younger girls. What is the subject matter?

Step 4:

Search for a book on this subject matter. There’s one written by someone called ‘Monty’. What is the name of the girl in the book that he wrote?

Step 5:

Her surname is the name of a home construction company in a US city. What’s the name of their baseball team?

Step 6:

One of the catchers on this team was born exactly 5 years after a TV actor. Who is the actor?

Step 7:

He played an alien in a Sci-Fi TV show. What was the Alien’s name?

Step 8:

There’s a famous pop star that shares this name. What’s his surname?

Step 9:

Search for a town with that name on Live Maps. Just south of the Live Maps pin is a street with a name that is familiar with another major historic event.

Step 10:

This historic event is associated with a ship whose name is associated with a location. What’s the location?

Step 11:

Search for this location on live maps, and the pin will be placed about 20miles east of an interstate. Follow the interstate north.

Step 12:

This interstate will end at another which runs east-west. Follow this one west. After a while it turns sharply south. At the same place, another long straight road (not an Interstate) runs NorthWest. Follow it until you reach a very famous landmark.

Step 13:

This landmark is very famous for 2 of its feats, but they were surpassed only 10 years later. By what?

Step 14:

The ‘what’ is beside a lake. What’s the connection between its name and the name of the landmark in 12?

Step 15:

These names form a sequence. What name would be next in the sequence?