Solve the riddle, and get a free pass to MIX

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As you may know, MIX is coming up very soon – March 18-20 at the Venetian in Las Vegas. You can find the full details on the conference at It’s an unmissable conference, now more than ever, and if you haven’t had the chance (or the budget) to sign up, I have a free pass to the conference to give away. Note that it’s just a conference pass, and that hotel, airfare etc. are not included. Still it’s close to a $1400 value, so why not? :)image

Still interested? Good!

Take a look at the Deep Zoom image below. If you can’t see the IFrame, you can also link to the image directly here.

I was close to somewhere pretty famous when I took this picture. It’s a place I’d always wanted to visit, and I was doing some research on the general area for a book that I was working on. This big guy snuck up on me, scared the life out of me, and I got into my car and drove off. I figured nobody would believe my story so I took a quick snap of him. Sorry it’s blurred! I was wearing a bright red jacket (just like this one!) too. There’s an implicit clue in this story, as well as some joke-clues in the picture itself.



So, leave a comment with your guess for where you think I was when I took this picture. If you guess right, you’ve earned yourself a pass for MIX. Please remember that it’s only a conference pass and not airfare, hotel, meals or anything else. If you can’t attend the conference, but want to guess anyway, go ahead!