What is IIS7?

What is IIS7? What is the difference between IIS6 and IIS7? Here are the simple answers:

§ IIS7 is a new revision (version 7.0) of the Internet Information Services that is shipped on Windows Vista and the next Windows Server version.

§ The most attractive features of IIS7 are: modular design (thanks to the new Windows componentization technology first introduced in Windows Vista), extensible architecture (with public web server APIs), and unified distributed configuration system.

§ Another big change to IIS7 is that it first introduced a new NT service “Windows Process Activation Service” (WAS). WAS manages application pool configuration and worker processes. This enables process activation through both HTTP and non-HTTP transports.

More details about IIS7 can be found in the IIS7 public web site: https://www.iis.net/.

When people asked me how to host WCF services on IIS7? I would always say: it is the same as on IIS6. Well, this is generally correct. People still kept on hitting unique problems on IIS7. I will expand this in more details in my future blog entries.