How to be a Successful TechNet Wiki Author


This blog post is for the new authors and members planning to become authors in TechNet Wiki.

TechNet is a great community where all the authors get very good support, and I’m sure if someone starts writing articles as a new TechNet Wiki author, he/she will feel in few months like we are all one family here.

Now let's discuss what an author  Should Do and Should Not Do to be a successful TechNet Wiki author.

Tips to be Successful Author:

  1. Always select some unique and new topic in your favorite Microsoft Technology which is not yet published.
  2. Always write detailed and simple article which can be easily understand by members. Here is link which gives tips to write good articles Wiki: Guidelines to write a good Article (meeting the expected quality)
  3. Read all wiki Guidelines before start writing articles. Here are few links you need to read before posting your first article.
  4. Always be sure to write your article with a good structure
    1. With TOC,
    2. Introduction,
    3. Add Images,
    4. Add code part in Code Block,
    5. always include Source Code download link,
    6. Add conclusion,
    7. and don’t add code part as image.
  5. Add your article link to Monthly contribution. Here is the link which explains in more detail about TechNet Wiki Monthly Competitions  TechNet Guru Monthly Article Competitions
  6. Always share your article links to TechNet Wiki Facebook Page. By sharing article links to TechNet Wiki Facebook Your article will be reaching to many peoples, you can get good feedback, which will improve your writing skills and also you can learn more from experienced authors. You can also meet mostly all of our TechNet members in Facebook and also you can share your personal information with others to be more social in community. Here is the link for TechNet Wiki Facebook Page.
  7. Think feedback as positive, always be confident on yourself, go through all the feedback you received and update your article with correction this will improve your article writings and also your programing knowledge.
  8. Don’t hesitate to ask any doubts you have with TechNet wiki with other authors, here all are like a family and everyone in this TechNet Community will be always happy to help and support others.
  9. If you have any new Idea’s or Feedback about TechNet wiki you can share it to improve the community.
  10. Always contribute quality of articles and contribution should be from heart and it should be your passion. If you start writing in this mind set surely you can be a very good successful author in short time.

Strictly don’t do all the points mentioned below:

  1. Don’t contribute for points. If you started contributing for points it will ends up with low quality of article and also your reputation will not improve.
  2. Don’t contribute for awards and rewards. If you give quality of article all the awards and rewards will fallow you.
  3. Don’t edit articles for points, if you edit any others article always give detail comment as what you have changed and why you have changed.
  4. Don’t contribute articles with one line explanations. Few articles will have step 1 and step 2 but which will be having only one line explanation try to avoid one line explanation. Always give detailed explanation in your article. This will be helpful for members and also helps you to learn more.
  5. Don’t contribute for quantity, always provide quality of article which will leads to good points and also with good awards and rewards.
  6. Always write article with your own content. Do not copy any others content or Images. Avoid Plagiarism, read what TechNet wiki about Wiki Governance: Copyright, Privacy & Piracy

     If you are a new Author and reading this blog post hope this helps you. Feel free to ask your question in the comment section below.