Microsoft Kaizala

What Happened?

Microsoft Launched a very nice product called Kaizala when I searched for the name meaning I found that on some sites it means “what happened?, so either this is true definition or no let us go through this nice experience.”

The product is a mobile app and has a preview of the web version.

The app is not only a messages application but it has everything I dreamed about even I was planning to create a similar app but as usual Microsoft is a head of the game.

What is Kaizala?

A mobile app for large group communications and work management, it help to bridge the gap between partners, stuff and first line workers.

Features for Kaizala:

  • Connect with your entire value chain, you can share text, videos, and documents.
  • Manage your team work more efficiently you can schedule meetings, send surveys, assign To Do List, and make polls and announcements.
  •  And there are more coming like the preview of the web app!!

Let us take a look at the app, where you can download from goggle play store or Apple Store.

I tried the full steps, here you are some screenshots to configure it you will only need as a start the mobile phone number.

Once you verify your mobile number you will get this interface.

There are several tabs: in chat tab you will find all you chats threads, in people you will find people on your mobile phone that are using Kaizala and also the rest of your contacts where you can invite them to use Kaizala, then in discover tab you will find a lot as a sample:

More actions

From the app to you have settings where you can adjust, you can connect to your Office 365 tenant.

And one nice thing you can access the preview web version by going through this URL and then signing with your mobile number you will get on your app in the mobile phone a pin code to enter on the web to sync.

The preview web view will look like this screenshot:

As a summary this is going to be my preferred mobile app chat application because of the nice options I am getting from it.


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By John Naguib (Twitter,  TechNet Profile,  MVP Profile)