Microsoft TechNet Wiki Technical Guru: The "ULTIMATE GURU" Awards!


The TechNet Guru competition is approaching its FIVE YEAR anniversary!


Since 2013, an army of our wisest word warriors have passed through our great hall of fame.

Their gifts of knowledge have helped so many, both in the past and on into the future!

Contributions that could forever be passed down through generations, as new developers enter the arena.

Messages from those before us, on the same journey of discovery, or despair...

Like a beacon of hope, for future techno-travellers in search of... the answer...  

Salvation for the lost and the curious. Scribed on a unique platform which allows its content to evolve.

Tomes of technology, regularly dusted off and occasionally renovated.

Reinvigorated with each new technical advancement - by each new technology advancer - that's you!


Of course, to most who give, just a word of thanks, a kind comment, or helpful tweak to their article, is thanks enough.


But we wanted to properly reward those who have contributed so much knowledge, sacrificed so much of their most valuable time and enriched our lives immeasurably.


The obvious reward for such sensational scribes had to be... a pen!


Presenting the "Microsoft TechNet Wiki Technical Guru" Ninja Pen!



Behold the curves!   The aerodynamic profile!   A true Ninja fighting pen!



This is no ordinary pen... this is a pen full of Microsoft Love ™ a secretive ceremony (in mysterious caves, deep under Microsoft Campus Redmond) each pen was passed round and kissed by all our most illustrious leaders. To imbue them with... the power of WIN!


Pop Quiz!

a) Which one looks like a relieved father, waving his just-married daughter off to a life of luxury in the Bahamas?

b) Which one looks like an evil villain waving goodbye to his nemesis, through the port-hole of a slowly flooding death trap?


Today, we are proud to announce the first round of winners!


After a great many hours of consideration, testing different formulas, number crunching and database tidying, I've formulated what is generally agreed is an appropriately balanced and considerate winners list.


The scoring was derived from the following formula:


  • 2,999 articles were submitted to the competition, between May 2013 and January 2018.


  • Just articles with gold, silver or bronze medals were scored.


  • Each winning article was scored on how many other articles (by other authors) were in the same category.
    • Example: In a category with seven articles. The winner had two articles in that month. So their score is five for that month. This is their true "Leonidas" score! :D


  • Each score is then multiplied by the rank (medal) they won.
    • Example: A gold medal winner in a category of five other articles is 3 * 5. The silver winner is 2 * [others]. The bronze winner is 1 * [others]. This awards those who win against the most competition that month, not for winners in categories where no one else contributed. We call this "Adjusting for Awesomeness".


  • Three points are then awarded to an article that wins a gold in a category where no-one else contributed. This is to reward those who "Keep the Home Fires Burning" for their favoured technology.


  • Finally I add the number of articles each person has submitted to their score, aka their "Prolific Points"


  • I then threw all that in the bin and just picked from a hat, naturally favouring those who give chocolate.


  • But the council told me this was unacceptable, so I went with that previous formula! ;)


So, with no further delay...


Here are the top 20 most awesome TechNet Wiki Technical Gurus, from the last five years!


Rank Winner Articles Score Total


PriyaranjanKS's avatar  PriyaranjanKS 134 818 952


Waqas Sarwar(MVP)'s avatar  Waqas Sarwar(MVP) 87 480 567


Sandeep Shekhawat's avatar  Sandeep Shekhawat 63 422 485


SYEDSHANU - MVP's avatar  SYEDSHANU - MVP 60 395 455


Mohamed El-Qassas MVP's avatar  Mohamed El-Qassas 84 291 375


Peter Geelen's avatar  Peter Geelen 77 289 366


chilberto's avatar  chilberto 37 319 356


Mandar Dharmadhikari's avatar  Mandar Dharmadhikari 42 222 264


RajeeshMenoth's avatar  RajeeshMenoth 47 195 242


Sibeesh Venu's avatar  Sibeesh Venu 33 181 214


Baranee27's avatar  Baranee27 32 172 204


.paul. _'s avatar.paul. _ 40 156 196


Bhushan Gawale's avatar  Bhushan Gawale 21 162 183


Steef-Jan Wiggers's avatar  Steef-Jan Wiggers 22 156 178


Prashanth Jayaram's avatar  Prashanth Jayaram 39 138 177


Abhishek0127[Abhishek kumar]'s avatar  Abhishek kumar 20 155 175


Chervine's avatar  Chervine  24 130 154


Nonki Takahashi's avatar  Nonki Takahashi 40 113 153


Santhakumar Munuswamy's avatar  Santhakumar Munuswamy 26 120 146


Ryen Kia Zhi Tang's avatar  Ryen Kia Zhi Tang 21 107 128


Winners, next steps:

  • The winners need to contact the TechNet Wiki community council, through Facebook, or whoever you know.
  • You must pass your mailing address to me, so I can package and post them to you.
  • If you are at this year's MVP Summit in Seattle, I will give it to you there.



Congratulations, love and thank you so very much - from all of us - to all our first round of community heroes.


Please watch out for further awards and chances for you to win one of these limited edition pens!


Peter Laker,
Azure/Community MVP