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TechNet Guru Competition Winners - August 2018

All the votes (for August) are in!
Just hours before the lock-down too!
September closes in the next few hours!

Below are the results for the TechNet Guru Awards, August 2018 !!!!


The TechNet Guru Awards celebrate the technical articles on TechNet, contributed from valued wiki authors like YOU!

Each month, the contributions are scored by a panel of judges (5 per category, 2-3 in each are MS experts), and the winners of each category are showered with love and attention from all corners of TechNet.

See the links at the bottom, to find out more about the competition and how to enter.


We have picked the top three highest scored contributions for each category to bestow our awards upon.

The awards are in gold, silver and bronze, the gold obviously being the top winner of the category.

The last column is just a few of the comments judges made during the judging process.

In some cases, we have not obtained permission to use the judges names, so they have been reduced to initials.


My fellow wiki ninjas will be digging deeper into some of these articles in this blog series, so watch out for those.


Any of our judges can exercise their right to veto an article, if they do not feel it meets minimum requirements for a medal.

When this is the case, we will at least give an indication of the reason, so you understand why.


A big thank you also to the other authors who did not make the top three of each category.

Some articles only just missed out, so we may be returning to discuss those too, in future blogs.

 ASP.NET Technical Guru - August 2018 
SYED SHANU Let's learn to make Shopping Cart using ASP.NET Core Blazor using EF and Web API
DEVA: "Love it, great work Syed"Sabah Shariq: "Nice article with step by step explanation."
Jayendran Arumugam Managing Secrets in Web Apps (.Net Core 2.x)
DEVA: "Thanks Javendran, I like this a lot"Sabah Shariq: "Need lots of improvement. 1. Article not following any wiki guideline like there is screenshot of the code which is very hard to read. 2. No description of What?, Why?, How?"Robert Smit: "Great! thanks Javendran"Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan: "Addition of Azure KeyVault was a good choice!"
AnkitSharma007 Blazor: Single Page Application Using Server-Side Blazor
Sabah Shariq: "Would be nice if the example standard can improve. A suggestion though when using an existing example it is a good idea to add a section describing how this technology is different than the other."DEVA: "Very interesting"

Also worth a mention were the other entries this month:


 BizTalk Technical Guru - August 2018 
Gold Award Winner Rahul Madaan BizTalk Server 2016 : IBM MQ Client binding vs Microsoft MQ Client binding in MQSC adapter
DEVA: "Nice read!"Stacy Deere Strole: "The content of the article is very good and I leaned something new. The picture really help pull the article together like a virtual bow. Luckily there are pictures, as there are number acronyms and only a few are called out with the full name. There are a few areas where there is a language difference the wrong tense is used, both makes it difficult to follow along in those areas."


 Microsoft Azure Technical Guru - August 2018 
Gold Award Winner George Chrysovalantis Grammatikos Azure: Active Directory Domain Services (Managed Domain)
DEVA: "Very good"Robert Smit: "Thanks George, good article!"
Silver Award Winner RajeeshMenoth Cognitive Services : Extract handwritten text from an image using Computer Vision API With ASP.NET Core And C#
Eric Berg: "This is a good packaged article"Robert Smit: "Very good, thanks Rajeesh"Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan: "An excellent topic and a great way to summarize it. Although, I would recommend truncating the text, it requires too much scroll."
Bronze Award Winner HansamaliGamage .NET Core: Process a Excel file with Microsoft Graph API & Azure Function

Also worth a mention were the other entries this month:


 Miscellaneous Technical Guru - August 2018 
Gold Award Winner Vincent Maverick Durano Programming Problems and Finding Solutions
Lasse Wedø: "Some good thoughts here, maybe review to formatting to shorten the index at the beginning?"Ronen Ariely (aka pituach) : "Awesome article! It is well formatted according to the TN Wiki format, but there is place to reduce the number of headers (a lot). it is well written, clear, and fun to read, but above all it's includes very useful tips and it is definitely a "must to read" for anyone who is at the beginning of his learning and has encountered some difficulty. Well done!"Peter Laker: "Love it!"
Silver Award Winner Peter Geelen Microsoft Teams Troubleshooting: Client App windows fails to minimize (showing purple square)
Peter Laker: "Great article Peter!"Ronen Ariely (aka pituach) : "Nice troubleshooting article which can help people who have a similar problem. The article missing some short background about what is "Microsoft Teams". There are some issue with the format like multiple blank lines"
Bronze Award Winner C Sharp Conner Event Viewer - Custom View - How to Exclude User
Peter Laker: "Thanks for continued awesome CS Conner"Ronen Ariely (aka pituach) : "The article has no structure. It gives a feeling like you enter the room full with people in the middle of hot discussion, while you have no idea what they are talking about. There is no background/introduction, no Table of content, no conclusion or any structure. There is a lot of place for improvement, but surely it has a lot of potential."


 SharePoint Technical Guru - August 2018 
Gold Award Winner Ramakrishnan Raman All about SharePoint hub site
Tiago Costa: "Great Article! Always a great topic to write about. You could do a second article with more information."Andre Vala: "Thank you Ramakrishnan. Great introduction to the new hub sites feature, well structured and straight to the point.Be careful with the code snippet formatting, especially the PowerShell script with multiple lines because a simple copy&paste to a script file will not work."John Naguib: "Thanks a lot nice wiki"
Silver Award Winner Michaelle de las Alas SharePoint: Maintenance Page for Deleting and Archiving Items
John Naguib: "Very nice, excellent idea, I advice also you test it on SharePoint 2016"Tiago Costa: "Article should had more examples. It's a nice article, but will gain a lot with more content based on examples."Andre Vala: "Thank Michaelle. Nice solution to help manage large lists and archiving of list items. I found the examples provided quite useful and easy to understand. I would be nice to validate if it also works with SharePoint Server 2016 and 2019 (preview), since 2013 is already a bit old."


 Small Basic Technical Guru - August 2018 
Gold Award Winner Nonki Takahashi Small Basic: Drawing Curve
DEVA: "Nice!!"SYEDSHANU: "Great article which explains about drawing different kind of Curve in Small basic .Good to see the article has been well explained with images and Source code.Thanks for sharing Nonki Takahashi."


 SQL Server General and Database Engine Technical Guru - August 2018 
Gold Award Winner Mohsin_A_Khan SQL Server In-Memory OLTP: Understanding and Dealing With Range Indexes on Memory-Optimized Tables
Visakh16: "A good article giving comprehensive explanation on ranged indexes and their impact on DML operations. The illustrations are great and use of images to clarify the concepts is helpful. On the whole a good article, The font looks a little off. Usage of standard font would have made it much more appealing."Ronen Ariely (aka pituach) : "Great article which balance "a taste of advanced information" about the internal structure of "Range Indexes on Memory-Optimized Tables", along with some basic examples. The images are awesome and they help a lot to understand the concept. There are some small issue regarding the format of the article like font and table of content which should be fix to fit the TNWiki format."


 System Center Technical Guru - August 2018 
Gold Award Winner Leon Laude Updating System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) from 1801 to 1807
Joseph Moody: "Good guide and very relevant right now!"Adam Fowler: "Simple but helpful, and great to see lots of screenshots!"Kia Zhi Tang: "Thank you for the contribution for the screenshot walkthrough."


 Visual Basic Technical Guru - August 2018 
Gold Award Winner Karen Payne VB.NET: Export from SQL-Server to Excel
SYEDSHANU: "Great and useful article Karen,Good to see the Source code is available for download.Thanks for sharing"Khanna Gaurav: "Nice article"
Silver Award Winner .paul. _ VB.Net - Hidden words
SYEDSHANU: "Nice post Paul, Intresting game and good to see the image and word combination which will be more interested to play the game.Good to see the Source code is available for download.Thanks for sharing"Khanna Gaurav: "Very good!"


 Visual C# Technical Guru - August 2018 
Gold Award Winner SYED SHANU Getting Started with Machine Learning DotNet (ML.NET)
Jaliya Udagedara: "Machine Learning with C#, just awesome!"Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan: "One word: Neat!"Khanna Gaurav: "Very well explained"
Silver Award Winner Karen Payne SQL-Server dynamic WHERE conditions in C#
Khanna Gaurav: "Great article"Jaliya Udagedara: "Good article."
Bronze Award Winner George Chrysovaladis Grammatikos Azure Storage: C# Create Container, Upload & Download Blobs
Jaliya Udagedara: "Good article about accessing Azure Storage programmatically."Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan: "Azure Storage can do more, George. ;-) But a nice reference post."Khanna Gaurav: "Nice article"


 Wiki and Portals Technical Guru - August 2018 
Gold Award Winner Dave Rendón Azure Security Center: Survival Guide
Kia Zhi Tang: "I have just bookmark this Azure Security Center survival guide and is going through those links to those articles. Thank you for the contribution."Ronen Ariely (aka pituach) : "Great topic for article, and very useful links, but definitely missing internal links to other TechNet Wiki articles which fit the topic. This article has even bigger potential and in time with the help of the community when gradually more links will be added. Well done Dave!"


 Windows PowerShell Technical Guru - August 2018 
Gold Award Winner Prasoon Karunan V PowerShell: Creating a PSDrive Using SHiPS Provider 
Joseph Moody: "Very cool provider and great examples!"Kia Zhi Tang: "Thank you for the contribution. The content is good but need to improve the formatting for readers."


 Windows Server Technical Guru - August 2018 
Gold Award Winner Mahdi Tehrani Active Directory: How to generate a health report of DFS and SYSVOL structure?
Mark Parris: "Good knowledge to have."Kia Zhi Tang: "Nice walk through with a script in TechNet Gallery. Thank you for your contribution."Joseph Moody: "It is nice to see PowerShell getting some AD troubleshooting love! Thank you for writing this!"Richard Mueller: "The scripts here could be very useful. Good to show the settings in ADSI Edit."
Silver Award Winner Subhro Majumder Group Policy : Filtering and Permission
Richard Mueller: "A great article with lots of detail. An important topic."Mark Parris: "Important to know and can be used in conjunction with Item Level Targeting when it alone is not enough."Joseph Moody: "I will be saving this as my pointer for when people have GP filtering questions!"Kia Zhi Tang: "Very detail scope scenario. Thank you for contributing."
Bronze Award Winner Subhro Majumder Integration between DNS and DHCP in a Windows Environment
Joseph Moody: "Great article and very easy to follow! This is top notch submission!"Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan: "A very interactive post, Subhro."Kia Zhi Tang: "Good screenshot walkthrough. Thank you."Richard Mueller: "Great explanation of an important topic."Mark Parris: "Vital that these two services are configured to be secure and compatible with each other."


A huge thank you to EVERYONE who contributed an article to last month's competition.


Best regards,
Pete Laker


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