TNWiki Article Spotlight - Implementing Server Side validations in AngularJS

It's the last Tuesday of the month of November, and on Tuesdays we write about great TechNet Wiki articles that you shouldn't miss reading. Today the article I am going to highlight is the article that won the gold medal in TechNet Guru Awards: October under the ASP.NET category. It's an article from Naomi N titled Implementing Server Side validations in AngularJS.

I am 99.99% sure, most developers know what AngularJS is. Just to refresh your memory, it's JavaScript based front-end web application framework developed by Google. It is maintained by Google and AngularJS community (yes, that is open-source).

In this article, Naomi N discusses how to implement validating of user's input in HTML pages with some back-end logic using AngularJS 1.5+ version. Including a screenshot from the article, she is explaining all the steps to achieve something like below. Duplicate Code

She has used a problem definition and has written the article covering all the aspects, database, back-end implementation, etc. Naomi N has used a lot of code snippets and she hasn't forgotten to provide explanations for each of them.

You can read the full article at the following link:

Implementing Server Side validations in AngularJS

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