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TNWiki Article Spotlight – Secure your .NET Core web applications using IdentityServer4

Well it's another Tuesday and it's time for this week's TNWiki Article Spotlight.

For developers, implementing and maintaining application security is becoming a challenge more than ever before. Everyday new threats arises and making your application secured against those is not an easy task.

When it comes to application security, mainly there are two parts, Authentication and Authorization. Authentication is the process of verifying who you are and Authorization is the process of granting permission based on who you are.

The TNWiki article that I am about to highlight today. will present you a nice approach on implementing Authentication and Authorization in your application using IdentityServer4. This article was initiated by Hansamali Gamage and has won the Silver medal in TechNet Guru Awards - February, 2017 under Visual C# Category.

The article contains step by step explanation with images, code snippets. And towards the end of the article, you are provided a link to download the complete sample. Or maybe you can fork the sample on GitHub and start from there!

Can’t wait? Here you go!

Secure your .NETCore web applications using IdentityServer 4

Happy Coding!

- Sri Lankan Wiki Ninja Jaliya (Blog, MSDN Profile, Twitter)