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TNWiki Article Spotlight - SQL Azure Database: Understanding Transactional Replication Step by Step

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s TNWiki Article Spotlight.

Usually When I am writing TNWiki Article Spotlight, I am selecting an article on Microsoft Dev Stack (programming languages etc.), but this time I chose an article which describes this nice feature on Microsoft SQL Server.

I am sure most of you who is reading the article right now knows what SQL Server Replication is. Just to refresh your memory, basically SQL Server Replication is copying data and database objects (tables, views, stored procedures etc.) from one database to another and making sure that both of these databases are synchronized.

Microsoft SQL Server provides different types of replication and one of those types is Transactional Replication. Bhushan Gawale has written this nice article where he explains Transactional Replication in detail and in an easy to understand manner. And of course, along with a step by step guide for you to try out Transactional Replication. There he is demoing how you can do Transactional replication from a database residing on an on-premises SQL Server to an Azure SQL Database (PaaS).

This article has won the Gold medal in October, 2016 month’s TechNet Guru Awards under Microsoft Azure Category.

Now it’s enough of me talking. Click the below link and jump straight to the article.
SQL Azure Database: Understanding Transactional Replication Step by Step

Happy Coding!

- Sri Lankan Wiki Ninja Jaliya (Blog, MSDN Profile, Twitter)