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TechNet Guru Awards

In this blog post we will see in detail about what is TechNet Guru Awards and why an author should know about TechNet Guru Awards.

What is TechNet Guru Awards?

Each month the TechNet Wiki looks to recognize and celebrate the best of the best!

Is that you? Do you consider yourself an expert, or authority in the technology of your choice?

You don't actually have to be an expert of your chosen technology.  All you need is one subject or a technique which may be interesting/useful.

It could be a solution to a particularly tricky problem or an interesting answer to a forum's tricky question or anything worth writing an article about.

It could be a set of techniques solving one problem or one technique which can be used in a number of different scenarios. It should be something original and interesting.

Whatever it is, check up on how a TechNet Wiki is expected to be written and formatted and craft your masterpiece.

This is an official Microsoft TechNet recognition program, where people such as yourself can get the recognition they deserve for the time given to the community.

If you spend any amount of time crafting an awesome answer to a forum question, then why not get the most back for your efforts by posting it to the TechNet Wiki?


To know more about what is What is Competition is About read from here TechNet Guru Monthly Article Competitions

Why an author should know about TechNet Guru Awards

Authors can nominate their article by categories. For example, if an author has published an article related to C# for the current month, then the author himself nominate his/her article to the category Visual C#.

Each month Winners will be selected by category and awarded with

  • Gold Medal
  • Silver Medal
  • Bronze Medal

The List of Technology available for adding monthly Guru Awards

  • Microsoft Azure
  • BizTalk
  • Forefront Identity Manager
  • SharePoint 2010 / 2013
  • Small Basic
  • SQL BI & Power BI
  • SQL Server General & Database Engine
  • System Center
  • Transact-SQL
  • Universal Windows Apps
  • Visual Basic
  • Visual C#
  • Windows PowerShell
  • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
  • Windows Server
  • Wiki and Portals
  • Miscellaneous

Note: If your Technology is not listed here means then you can add your article entry under Miscellaneous category. Hope you all know as in TechNet Wiki we can publish only Microsoft related technologies. Only current month article can be added for the competition.

Every month authors need to add their published article entry by them self to the competition. If you didn’t add your article entry for the TechNet Wiki Guru competition then you might lose the monthly awards.

Another important part of the winners are comments made by the judges. Yes, set of Microsoft employee or the Microsoft MVP’s per each category will review all the article entered for the competition and the judges will select the article for gold/silver and bronze award based on the article quality, articles which fulfill the TechNet Wiki rules and format. TechNet Wiki judges are best of best as all of them are Microsoft employee or the Microsoft MVP’s and they will give very valuable feedback and golden words to encourage the entire winning author. If required judges also guide the authors on how to improve their article quality and format to make more better for the community.

Simple steps to add your article to TechNet competition

Every month authors by themselves need to add their article entry to the competition. many friends have asked me as from where they can find each month article competition page to add their article entry.

The best and simple way to find the monthly Guru Awards competition page is

Go to the TechNet Wiki home page

At the bottom of right side menu under Engage you can find the link as TechNet Guru Awards click on that link to open the TechNet Guru Awards 

In the TechNet Guru Awards page, we can see both the Past and Current month competition page as well the past month Winners announcement pages.

Past and Present Month Competition.

Each month first day, TechNet wiki Council members will update this page with Current month competition page. Click on the current month to add your article entry on your favorite Microsoft Technology. For example, here we can see as I have added my article entry for August 2018 month under ASP.NET Category. We can add our article entry by adding our article link along with our MSDN profile link.

Once we add our article entry to the monthly competition our part of work will be completed and the next part will be by the Judges as they will pick the best article and announce the winners in TechNet Wiki Ninja blogs website

Past Month Winners page link.

We can also find all the past month winners announcement page links from the TechNet Guru Awards  page. Each month end the winners will be announced per category by the TechNet Wiki council members.

For example, we can see my article won the Gold medal under ASP.Net Category for June 2018 month.

We can see all the golden words used by the judges ,by adding our article to the TechNet Wiki competitions we not only get the awards also we will  mark our article in history as the winners page will be published each month in TechNet Wiki Ninja blogs website ,even our grandson can see this link in future and proudly tell to their friends as my grandfather was TechNet Wiki Guru and he has won several Gold/Silver and Bronze awards in TechNet Wiki monthly competition’s .If you didn’t add your article entry to TechNet Wiki Guru then its time to start adding your article in competition page’s.

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