devconf’s log #1 – Flights, floods, and lack of sleep

I am in South-Africa to share our DevOps journey at DevConf, a community driven, developer focused, one-day conference hosted annually.


After a 23.9167-hour trip from Vancouver to Johannesburg I arrived at the hotel at midnight … followed by 24hours of no sleep, resulting in a few frazzled days. What I really enjoyed for the first two days was the downpour of large rain drops, lightening, and thunder … something we seldom experience in Vancouver.


Here are a few pictures to share the experience:

Flight from Vancouver to Calgary.

Connecting flight at my favourite Schiphol Airport. Noticed a strange plane in the background.

A bit of swag I packed – VSTS and DevOps stickers and a handful of quick reference posters that summarize key themes of our DevOps journey. My suitcase will never be the same again, after one of the Maple Syrup bottles imploded during the flight.  Smile

It’s a sunny Saturday morning at the Birchwood conference centre, started with a healthy breakfast.

Plans for the weekend – meet with my good old friend Peter, with Robert MacLean who’s running the conference, and locate and secure some Biltong.