WinDbg Preview 1.0.1807.11002 Release Notes

Hey everyone!

WinDbg Preview 1.0.1807.11002 is rolling out shortly with a chunk of bug fixes and one major addition!

Automatic saving and loading of breakpoints

One of the biggest feature requests we’ve had for WinDbg Preview is to replace workspaces. We’re starting down that route by enabling the saving and loading of breakpoints. Launching something you’ve debugged previously from the “Recents” tab in the file menu will now load the breakpoints from that session. We’re going to grow this functionality over the next few months to preserve more information across sessions, so tell us what you’d like to see added in the Feedback Hub and the comments below!

We currently aren’t saving hardware breakpoints (ba) and other various properties on breakpoints like thread and process specific contexts as well as conditions. We’ll be looking adding those in a future release.

Minor changes and bug fixes

* Added command-line options -x, -xe, -xd, -xn, and -xi for controlling the handling of exceptions and events. These command-line options behave just like their command counter-parts.
* The notes window now supports bold, underline, and italics formatting.
* Fixed some zoom and scrolling issues.
* Selecting text in the command, memory, sources, or disassembly windows will now show a light highlight over other instances of the selected text.
* Fixed a bug where interrupting symbol loading would cause symbol loading to fail for the rest of the session.
* NatVis will now reload properly on restarting a session.