WinDbg Preview 1.0.1810.2001 Release Notes

Hi everyone!

Its been a little while since we had some release notes to share! We've pushed out a couple versions over the past two months, but they've mostly contained minor changes and bug fixes. This release has a bit more to it though. As always, feel free to leave feedback in the comments below.

Settings dialog

We’ve moved settings to a dialog that can now be accessed from the File menu or the Home ribbon. Right now it just has some basic settings, but we’ll be adding more in the future.

Events and exceptions settings dialog

We've also added a new page to the settings dialog to control how WinDbg Preview handles events and exceptions, the equivalent of the 'sx' commands or WinDbg's event filters dialog. Just hit Settings on the home ribbon, then hit "Events and Exceptions" on the left to manage those.

Improved TTD indexer

Dramatically increased the performance of indexing TTD trace files, making the indexing process much faster (between 2x-10x) while making index files much smaller (~50% smaller). The perf improvements are most noticeable for traces over 4GB in size, or when using a machine with many CPU cores (8+). The new indexer makes it more feasible to debug very large traces (50GB+).

New launch flag for specifying architecture

WinDbg Preview attempts to launch the debugger engine with the correct bitness to the target to better support debugging managed code. There are circumstances where it can't determine the right bitness or you may want to override what it decides. We've added the -debugArch command-line option to do this. Just add -debugArch x86|amd64 to control the architecture of debugger engine.

Other changes and bug fixes

• Fixed a bug that would cause black bars to appear on a fullscreen debugger with a floating window open.
• Fixed a bug that would cause symbol options to be cleared unintentionally.
• Command history is now preserved when launching from recent targets.
• In the data model window, you can now edit values.
• Unindexed TTD traces will now be more clear that they're unindexed.
• Improved performance of the locals window
• Added a ribbon button to save the command window logs to a file.
• Added . SelectMany(<projection>) to the default set of LINQ methods.

Known issues

Running WinDbg Preview in a VMWare environment may cause it to attempt to load the incorrect version of DbgHelp. We’re aware of the issue and investigating a fix.