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WinDbg Preview 1.1805.17002.0 Release Notes

Hi everyone!

We've got a mostly small release rolling out right now, but there's at least one big change I hope you all will like!

New disassembly window

We’re starting to revamp some of the more barebones windows that are lacking compared to WinDbg. The first one we’re diving into is the disassembly window!

[caption id="attachment_685" align="alignnone" width="728"]New disassembly window New disassembly window[/caption]

We’ve added:

  • Scrolling up or down will continuously load more disassembly whenever possible.
  • Syntax highlighting for numbers, code addresses, and opcodes.
  • Clicking a code symbol will jump the disassembly window to that location.
  • Hovering over numbers will show a tooltip that converts that number to other bases.
  • Headers signifying the start of a function.

Let us know what you think in the comments or Feedback Hub!

Fast source window default

We’ve had a lot of feedback around the performance of WinDbgNext being a bit slower and more resource-intensive than WinDbg Classic. One of the key contributors is the source window control we’ve been using. We’ve updated our source window to be faster and more resource efficient.

Minor changes and bug fixes

  • Fixed some issues around symbol caching
  • Fixed some cases where toggle initial break wasn’t usable when the target isn't broken in
  • If you hit tab in the command window with nothing available, the cursor will now stay in the input field
  • WinDbgNext will now auto-detect bitness when opening CAB files

EDIT - A previous version of this post had an update listed that isn't in this release.