Wireless Routers That Rock: First Certified For Vista Router

Congratulations to Buffalo for being the first to acheive a Certified for Windows Vista logo for their dual-band WZR-AG300NH wireless router.


In short, this device passed over eight hours worth of rigerous testing designed to ensure a fantastic experience of Windows Vista scenarios; including HD video streaming from Media Center to Media Center Extenders over wireless! Many folks within core networking worked very hard to create meaningful tests that raise the bar of the consumer networking ecosystem. Certified for Vista wireless routers fully (and correctly) implement: network QoS for differentiating voice/video/best-effort/background traffic, LLTD for producing a rich Network Map, Windows Connect Now for super simple secure setup and adding new devices, IPv6, etc. Glenn Ward on the Windows Rally team, who is responsible for the router logo program, says it best in his email response to Buffalo receiving this honor:

"On behalf of all of us at Microsoft, please accept our congratulations and warmest thanks. Incredible engineering, effort, and determination went into making this happen - outstanding job to all at Buffalo, as well as the internal team who likewise worked tirelessly."  

Well said Glenn, thanks for all the hard work!

-- Gabe Frost