Getting Started with WPF

The writers on the WPF Developer Content team own over 30K topics in the MSDN library.  But one of the most viewed topics is Getting Started (WPF).  I'm trying to make the topic more helpful, relevant, to the point, etc.  I updated the page a few months ago and was hoping I'd get some feedback from customers who either loved it or hated it. So far, I've heard crickets. Basically, I took the old page, which was just a list of links to all the topics down one level in the tree and replaced that with a list of what I thought people might be looking for when they click on a topic called "Getting Started." I was trying not to make it a long topic that you'd have to read though but more of a jumping off point.  If you are interested, here is the link to the 3.5 version and the 4 version. What do you think? Is it more useful? Not? If not, why not?  Send me feedback via the feedback on MSDN or just leave a comment here.