WPF Toolkit March 2009 Update is posted

Here’s the official word from the WPF Tree Services & Controls Team:

We shipped some great new updates to the WPF Toolkit and WPF Futures on Codeplex earlier this week.  These included an updated version of the WPF Toolkit with over 20 high-priority bug fixes for DataGrid, DatePicker, & Calendar, and also a package of WPF Themes (matching those shipped with the Silverlight Toolkit) as a new addition to the WPF Futures.  We’ve also added a pointer to David Anson’s blog post with a preview of the WPF Chart Controls which are being written by the Presentation Platform Controls (PPC) team (the team who produces the Silverlight Toolkit).

Don’t miss the WPF Chart Controls. This is some sweet, sweet sugar:


ChartBuilder on Silverlight


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