Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Template Using Visual Studio

While working on ARM templates you may find many roadblocks and will find a way to come out of it. Visual Studio is one of the finest ways. I don't think any tool available today for ARM that could give better experience thank Visual Studio.

Use Visual Studio. This is a great way to learn ARM template. Nothing beats the Visual Studio way of building it

Add New Project

This will gradually help you build the ARM template. You can select from the list of available.

Apart from Visual Studio you will have 500+ templates from Github. The JSON Outline window of Visual Studio would help you pickup the basic code.

Once you select the "Add Resource" you will get bunch of Azure Services

At least you will get the basic skeleton.

The solution comes with three files, we will explore them in our next blog.

  1. azuredeploy.json
  2. azuredeploy.parameters.json
  3. Deploy-AzureResourceGroup.ps1

Once you are done then you can deploy them from your Visual Studio,

Then your Visual Studio would connect to Azure. You will be able to create Resource Group and deploy