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Finding machines not compliant with a specific security bulletin

I read Marc’s post about Compliance Reporting and it was similar to a problem I deal with in my job. Part of my job is to run Update Management on one of the domains consisting of around 12,000 managed computers at Microsoft using WSUS. We do this in order to validate WSUS (and similar products) in an environment with real users. Another group at Microsoft audits my compliance, and often request a list of non-compliant machines for specific security bulletins. I have adapted Marc’s SQL script to do just that.


I ran into one issue, Marc’s SQL script will blocks clients from scanning while it runs. Since the script can take a long time to execute on larger data sets, I decided to allow SQL to read dirty data and unblock my clients (SET TRANSACTION ISOLATION LEVEL READ UNCOMMITTED.).


I hope you find this useful.


Travis Plunk

Software Design Engineer in Test II, WSUS

-- Find computers within a target group that need a security bulletin







@TargetGroup nvarchar(30)


@Bulletin nvarchar(9)


@TargetGroup = 'All Computers'


@Bulletin = 'MS08-030'


-- Find the computers not compliant for each security bulletin in the given @TargetGroup

-- where the approved occured between @Days and @DaysEnd days ago

SELECT              ct.Name,@Bulletin as Bulletin,ct.LastReportedStatusTime

FROM         PUBLIC_VIEWS.vComputerGroupMembership as cgm INNER JOIN

                      PUBLIC_VIEWS.vComputerTarget as ct ON

                      cgm.ComputerTargetId = ct.ComputerTargetId INNER JOIN

                      PUBLIC_VIEWS.vComputerTargetGroup as ctg ON

                      cgm.ComputerTargetGroupId = ctg.ComputerTargetGroupId


WHERE     (ctg.Name = @TargetGroup)

-- And only select those for which an update is approved for install, the

-- computer status for that update is either 2 (not installed), 3 (downloaded),

-- 5 (failed), or 6 (installed pending reboot), and

-- the update bulletin is the one provided.

                              AND EXISTS

                          (SELECT     1

                            FROM PUBLIC_VIEWS.vUpdateEffectiveApprovalPerComputer as ueapc INNER JOIN

                                                   PUBLIC_VIEWS.vUpdateApproval as ua ON

                                                   ua.UpdateApprovalId = ueapc.UpdateApprovalId INNER JOIN

                                                   PUBLIC_VIEWS.vUpdateInstallationInfoBasic uiib ON

                                                   uiib.ComputerTargetId = ct.ComputerTargetId AND

                                                   ua.UpdateId = uiib.UpdateId

                                                   inner join PUBLIC_VIEWS.vUpdate as u on ua.updateid=u.updateId

                            WHERE (ueapc.ComputerTargetId = ct.ComputerTargetId) AND

                                                   (ua.Action = 'Install') AND (uiib.State IN (2, 3, 5, 6)) AND u.securityBulletin is not null and u.securityBulletin=@Bulletin )


Travis Plunk

OMPS - Customer Readiness Test