MSDN Webcast: XML Tools in Visual Studio 2008 plus XSLT Profiler and XML Schema Designer

On Tuesday we did a live MSDN Webcast to demo XML tools in Orcas as well as a few addons we are planning to release shortly after Orcas RTM.  The webcast is now available online ( If you have any feedback about our tools or features, we'd like to hear it!

Below is a list of topics covered in the webcast and time markers for easier access.

XML Editor overview: 2:15
    Color-coding, formating, brace-matching, basic editing support: 2:15
    Error-checking/validation: 5:35
    New Schema Dialog: 8:05
    Snippets: 11:00
    Generating XSD from XML: 19:30
    Schema cache and schema catalogs: 20:10

XSLT Debugger: 27:25
    Debugging, xslt and data breakpoints, side-by-side viewing: 30:15
    Default templates: 33:55
    Debugging XSLT from a CLR program: 35:35

Post-Orcas addons:
    XSLT Profiler: 37:15
    XML Schema Designer: 42:40